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David Ford

Jeffrey O'Brien

April Salsbury

About tbfs radio

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Business Talk Radio with an all-star cast of Kevin Hunter, David Ford, Jeffrey O'Brien, and April Salsbury.

Brilliant business advice and guest interviews make TBFS Radio the finest Business Talk Radio show in digital media!

Interviews and show segments include subjects from management to leadership, entrepreneurs and business owners, target marketing, ideal clients and unique selling proposition, social media, video channels, critical keys to business success, legal advice, team challenges, networking, building referral networks, traditional and home based business opportunities...

TBFS Radio covers the challenges and success of small, medium, and large businesses.

We discuss how the most successful companies use business coaching, specific social media strategies, business networking, and highly focused sales and marketing programs to get the success they are looking for in today's market.

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1323 14th Avenue, Longview, WA, 98632 USA

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